The brand has built a ‘cult-like’ following in its home market. In part because of the quirky authenticity of the brand that guests enjoy and want to be a part of. Everything from chalk walls to old-fashioned pinball machines to bottle cap art to the hanging chairs in the bathrooms. And in part, because we simply have chosen the road less taken with our food. Unlike all/nearly all of our competitors we don’t take any shortcuts and thus serve food that is head and shoulders above the competition. That sounds boastful but it takes a lot of work to make this true each and every day so prospective franchisees need to understand this commitment and embrace it or they are in the wrong place.

The Capital Tacos Story

It all began in late 2013, with a cozy corner restaurant (without a sign) in Land O’Lakes, FL. The quest was (and remains) to provide the very best, homemade, most authentic, made from scratch without any shortcuts Tex-Mex, served in a quick and affordable way…. With that simple goal, it didn’t take long for the local secret that is Capital Tacos to get out.

The Capital Tacos menu is highlighted by dozens of signature and differentiated chef-created flavor profiles like our Catawampus, Shrimply the Best & Chapel’s Cheesesteak, just to name a few. Where others go bland, we go bold. Our menu offerings are made from scratch, with home-made recipes each and every day, that can be enjoyed as either tacos, burritos, bowls, salads, or nachos. We grill every order to deliver on our promise of hot & freshly prepared – serving grilled items from a warming bin is for the other guys. Our hand-cut chips and award-winning queso, homemade salsas, Mexican street corn (on the husk!), hand-spiced fries, and desserts are also fan favorites. In other words, we like to #keepitcapital, and keep guests coming back for more. The best part, Capital Tacos can be enjoyed however guests prefer – with friends and family in the restaurant, or brought home or to the office by of way our network of delivery service providers and frictionless online and mobile app ordering platforms.

So, what are guests saying about our craft? Capital Tacos today is a nationally-awarded, fast-casual Tex-Mex chain of restaurants based in Tampa, FL. We are known for scratch-made, innovative, and unmatched Tex-Mex flavors, which is why we’ve been recognized with many distinctions since being founded in 2013. We’ve been named a Top 3 Taco in the US (Foursquare/Business Insider), Top 2 Place To Eat In Tampa (Yelp!), Top Taco in Florida (MSN), and Top Inexpensive Eat in Tampa (Tampa Bay Times), are annual participants at the national Miami Food & Wine Festival, and are featured by local and regional TV (media, newspapers, influencers, etc.) regularly.

Our Team

James Marcus


A graduate of Harvard Business School, James Marcus began his own delivery-only fast food restaurant in college. Now, he boasts more than 30 years of experience in various industries including food & beverage, finance, and content distribution. James has helped multiple start-up companies reach pole position in their segments while developing his own expertise in food and beverage finance. As an executive committed to moving Capital Tacos forward, James is focused on cultivating cutting-edge resources and innovative strategies that will ensure the success of each Capital Tacos location as the brand expands.

Josh Luger


Josh Luger brings over a decade of experience across the food & beverage, finance, and media industries. He has specifically worked with numerous start-up companies in launching and scaling new businesses and products, establishing industry-leading technology stacks, and executing successful business and corporate development strategies. As an executive at Capital Tacos, Josh is focused on driving cutting-edge, scalable growth strategies, and in driving product, technological, and platform innovation, to fuel its success.

Megan Harvey

Senior Vice President of Operations

As Capital Tacos' Senior Vice President of Operations, Megan brings 30-plus-years of hospitality experience, the last 14 being spent with national fast casual leaders in the Northeast. Megan leverages experience in all facets of restaurant operations, including recruiting, human resources, manager development and new restaurant openings in markets such as NYC, Boston and Philadelphia. Megan truly believes in the power of growing people from within the organization and that a strong people culture is the foundation to any companies' success.

From Team Member to Franchise Owner

At Capital Tacos it all starts with our people. All the big and little things that makes Capital Tacos so unique and so special happen everyday because of our amazing team.

From the first day on the job high school student all the way to our franchise owners. They are the ones that ensure every onion is chopped to the right size and every taco is made to our exacting specifications and every guest feels welcomed and appreciated when they walk through our doors. We do our best to honor this hard work in many ways including having the restaurant industry’s most achievable path from team member to store owner.

From Local Secret To Nationally Awarded

When we first started slingin’ in 2013, our store didn’t even have a sign. The local secret of Capital Tacos quickly spread anyway. Soon, the local reviews & recognition, national awards, and food festival invites started rolling in. But, here at Capital, the #DoneRight journey was – and still is – only just beginning.