Tampa-based Capital Tacos is bringing its fried queso bites, Mexican street corn, and “Big Kahuna” fried fish tacos to Orlando, starting with delivery and pickup only.

The chain, with locations in the Tampa Bay area, will set up in the ghost kitchen food hall at 18 N. Dollins Ave. beginning in late May or early June, said co-owner and operating partner Josh Luger.

The menu will be available through Capital Tacos’ website and app as well as delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub.

“This is really about planting the flag,” Luger said.

He said he expects Orlando will see a more physical presence of the brand within a year, including brick-and-mortar and food truck locations.

“Orlando has been and is No. 1 for us ,” Luger said. “We really view it as a sister market.”

The Orlando area is already home to popular taco options such as Tin & Taco, Gringos Locos, and MX Taco. Luger acknowledges there are many taco options in Orlando and Tampa, but he believes his chain’s food quality and customer experience will stand out.

“I’ll put our food up against anybody’s,” Luger said.

The Dollins Avenue hall is home to several restaurants without dining rooms, including a White Castle that only does pickup and delivery. The Orlando Sentinel reported in 2020 it was linked to Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s ghost kitchen business CloudKitchens.

Capital Tacos, which started in 2013, is partnering with CloudKitchens to expand in Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, Nashville and Charlotte.

Luger said his chain gets the majority of its revenue from online.

“We know we’re a digitally strong brand,” Luger said.

How Much do Franchise Owners Make?

“Some researchers have tried to crunch the numbers with the aim of helping potential franchise owners get an idea of the income that they can expect by buying a franchise. According to a survey done by Franchise Business Review involving 28,500 franchise owners, the average pre-tax annual income of franchise owners is about 80,000 dollars. However, this number should be taken with a grain of salt bearing in mind that it could be inflated by high incomes of a few top performers. When researchers accounted for the inflations caused by the few top franchises, it was established that the average annual income of 51 percent of franchisees is less than 50,000 dollars. The study also found that only 7 percent of franchise owners earn over 250,000 dollars a year.

The survey by Franchise Business Review also found that about 21 percent of franchise opportunities are in the quick-service restaurants’ industry. This is despite the fact that restaurant businesses require a bigger initial investment compared to some other businesses with almost similar profit potential. On average, franchise owners in the restaurant industry take home about 82,000 dollars a year. However, the start-up cost can be anywhere between 100,000 dollars and a million dollars.”

How Much Do Franchise Owners Make?, Franchise Direct