50% discount off the initial franchise fee for capital employees

People often ask the origin of our name, Capital Tacos.  We love sharing with people that the ‘Capital’ in Capital Tacos actually refers to ‘Human Capital’.  Which simply put means putting our people first in the large and small decisions we make everyday.  So when it came time to design our franchise program we developed the industry’s most generous and supportive employee path to ownership. 

If you strive to one day own your own successful restaurant then you should get to know Capital Tacos.  Why? Because we prioritize employee ownership and view that as one of our core competitive advantages.  Selfishly we want hard working, experienced owner/operators to bring our brand to life in communities all over the country.  And in turn we want the rewards of ownership associated with owning a Capital Tacos franchise to inure to the benefit of our own people as often as possible.